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Leixen VV-898E V 1.08

Added by Don Dorward almost 5 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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Leixen VV-898
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I just received the vv-898E radio which is V 1.08
Although it +appears+ to download and upload properly with current daily build, when you try to use the radio, some buttons don't seem to work, can't select memory channels etc.
I notice on the Radioddity website that they don't even have their own programmer for v1.08

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Updated by Don Dorward almost 5 years ago

The Radioddity website offers only their V1.07 programming software for the VV-898E, even though its firmware is 1.08
Note that this software shows band A and band B channel lists separately.

So I entered 2 vhf repeater frequencies into the A list, and 2 UHF repeater frequencies into the B list.
The instruction manual emphasizes that for memory mode we must enter the offset frequency manually.
So this seems to work.!!!
However, CHIRP current build does not read the memories correctly and must not be compatible to the v1.08 radio firmware

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Updated by Don Dorward over 4 years ago

It appears that the v1.07 Leixen program software works quite well with my VV-898E V1.08 radio, and works with windows 10 too.
Some of the earlier versions of the Leixen program software like 1.03/4 work better in win 7 or even 8.

Sorry to say that I don't recommend the use of CHIRP of any build, with this radio, because of its variations from V1.02 to present, for which Leixen has released 3 different versions of the software vs model suffixes.

The 2 separate frequency memory banks in the radio (A and B) are not or don't seem to be addressed at all in CHIRP, and none of the very important Function menu 50 odd items are either.

In my opinion, this seems to be one instance where CHIRP should remove its listed support for the VV-898.

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Updated by Bernhard Hailer almost 4 years ago

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Duplicates #4069. Please follow and post there. Thanks!


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