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Yaesu FT-2600m

Added by gerry trouse over 10 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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11/22/2013 (over 10 years late)
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hi i would like to clone my ft2600m ihave the lead and was hoping that i could find it in the list of ft radio but not
could u point me in the right way to clone this radio or can you use one of the over ft formats that you have already done ?
thanks for your help with this
m1eqb Gerry

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Updated by Jens Jensen over 10 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Blocked
  • Assignee deleted (Dan Smith)
  • Target version changed from 0.3.1 to 0.4.0
  • Chirp Version changed from 0.3.0 to daily
  • Model affected changed from (All models) to FT-2600M
  • Platform changed from Windows to All
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Updated by Bernhard Hailer about 4 years ago

  • Tracker changed from Bug to New Model
  • Subject changed from ft2600m to Yaesu FT-2600m
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Updated by Franco Marghella about 3 years ago

Hello colleagues, I had made a query, but they tell me that it is already open and it is on this that I must comment, I do not see that commenting is a question from 7 years ago, what I want to know if the chirp team is going to update the program code Programming to use the yaesu ft2600 because the radios that I have for my mobile equipment in the rescue group where I belong have this equipment and it is more comfortable to program by computer than to do it one by one, you will give me your answer CHIRP technical team

Actions #4

Updated by Bernhard Hailer about 3 years ago

Hello Franco, we just can't have more than one ticket open for the same request, that's why yours has been closed: it already has been requested before. It is perfectly fine to add to an existing ticket, but it's not a good thing to open a new one for the same thing - it makes our life harder.

The FT-2600 is a quite old radio and may never become supported. Anyways, the addition of a new radio to Chirp requires two things:
1) a volunteer developer who takes the task to work on this driver,
2) availability of test equipment, such as a loaner radio (see Rules For Loaning A Radio).
Unfortunately, you need to wait until both conditions have been met.
Or, you could decide to get your hands dirty yourself - check Wiki, "Developers".

Actions #5

Updated by Franco Marghella about 3 years ago

Thanks Bernhard Hailer, excellent your comment, I do not have technical skills to develop the code for the chirp, I have the original radio program but I have it on 3 1/2 diskettes, so we will wait to see if someone does it, but by analogy if in 7 years it has not developed, I forget about this requirement, thank you very much

Actions #6

Updated by Bernhard Hailer about 3 years ago

Hi Franco, you could still do two things.
a) you send an email on "Chirp's user mailing list": Perhaps you can enthuse someone to look into it. The FT-2600 was a popular radio, so there's a chance.
b) You can offer to loan a radio to a prospective developer. If you're willing to do that, then let us know here, and we'll set the "Loan offered" flag for you.

Actions #7

Updated by Franco Marghella about 3 years ago

  • File FT 2600.rar added

Hello Bernhard, I got inside my programs the backup of a programmer I attach the file to see if you can do reverse engineering and add it to the chirp, in the end it is already a radio out of use but as you say there are many people who have it and It can be a good plus for the new chirop update, I would love to be able to program it by chirp.
I remain attentive to your comments.

Actions #8

Updated by Bernhard Hailer about 3 years ago

  • File deleted (FT 2600.rar)
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Updated by Bernhard Hailer about 3 years ago

Hi Franco, I'm very sorry, but thie rar file you attached contained third party software. We cannot have that here, because we don't want to get into trouble with copyright issues. So my apologies, but I had to delete the file. - Anyways, this would not have helped much in any case. What needs to be done is to take a real radio and see what's going on on the serial line between the radio when talking with it (sniff the serial traffic). This can only be done with a physical radio in the hands of a developer.

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Updated by Franco Marghella about 3 years ago

Hello Bernhard, I did it without any ill intention, just as an experimenter, sorry if I offended you in something.

Actions #11

Updated by Bernhard Hailer about 3 years ago

No offense taken, no worries. It happens all the time here. We just have to respect copyrights, so we take down third party stuff - it's just to protect ourselves.
The statement remains: we can't do anything without access to a physical radio (and a volunteer developer who would look into it). So if you can spare a device for several weeks, then that might be the way to go. I can give it a shot, but no guarantees.

In Note 1 above, there's a link to our rules how to loan a radio to a developer.


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