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Baofeng UV17 (blue screen version) support

Added by Sander van der Wel 7 months ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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I am writing a driver for the Baofeng UV17 with the blue screen. This driver might also work with other models such as the UV15.

Please comment on how the driver works for you.

I haven't implemented the settings yet. But I guess for now, it's nice to be able to edit the channels.

Add this driver via the help menu item in chirp ("Load module from issue"). And enter the issue number.

Files (28.8 KB) Sander van der Wel, 09/26/2023 09:04 AM (28.7 KB) Should work with newest version of chirp Sander van der Wel, 11/21/2023 01:42 PM (23.5 KB) Latest version also in pull request Sander van der Wel, 11/24/2023 08:45 AM
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Updated by Dan Smith 7 months ago

Is this not a duplicate of #10648 ?

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Updated by Jim Unroe 7 months ago

Dan Smith wrote in #note-1:

Is this not a duplicate of #10648 ?

No. It is a separate radio. Unfortunately Baofeng has created a mess by releasing close to 10 different models with the same base name (UV-17) and same external case style but the hardware inside can be quite different for each variant. This has been a real mess some people thinking that they ordered a particular radio from a seller and receive a different style that what they were expecting.
There are at least 3 different OEM programs that are required to be able to program them all. I can see this as a support issue for CHIRP because there is no good way accurately tell the radios apart making it hard to diagnose issues (they could be simply choosing the wrong model even though they are selecting the matching model in CHIRP).

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Updated by Dan Smith 7 months ago

Roger that, just checking.


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Updated by aldo Cassani 5 months ago

hi, i have a baofeng uv-17 pro with blue screen. i try to use chirp and wen is reading the radio send a error message like

"syntax error in input: 28 : voicealert:1 ; "

and stop reading.

i use the module in this post.

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Updated by Sander van der Wel 5 months ago

I uploaded a new version that should work with the current version of Chirp. This version is experimental, so always make a backup of your radio with CPS first.

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Updated by Sander van der Wel 5 months ago

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This version can recover a bricked radio after writing to the radio was interrupted. It is incompatible with older CHIRP images. So you have to make a new one.

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Updated by Dan Smith 5 months ago

What incompatibility with older images does it introduce? We try very hard to never break old images, and to my knowledge, never have had to do that. If there's anything we can do to prevent that, we absolutely should...

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Updated by Dan Smith 5 months ago

Oh sorry, this is distinct from the UV-17Pro driver we just merged, so no breakage with released code, is that right?

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Updated by Sander van der Wel 5 months ago

Right!! This driver is not merged into CHIRP yet.

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Updated by Sander van der Wel 5 months ago

So many UV-17 versions around. :-S And the issue number looks a bit like to UV-17Pro issue number. :-)
I did some cleaning up on the code and the way the image was created.. Some experience lately with another driver, made me do that.

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Updated by Sander van der Wel 5 months ago

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