This is a list of "unadvertised" settings that CHIRP will honor from the config file. This allows some advanced tweaking of things that are not otherwise exposed in the GUI. Note that these are not a stable interface and are subject to change without notice.

The chirp.config file is an INI-style file, stored in %APPDATA%\CHIRP on Windows and ~/.chirp on macOS/Linux.

Group Key Type Description
printing font_size Integer A font size to use for printable output (default = 8)
printing rows_per_page Integer The number of memory rows we will assume fit on a page (default = 35)
prefs force_language String Override system locale detection and use this language (ISO language code like en, es, etc
prefs keep_backups_days Integer Override the number of days (default = 365) that CHIRP will keep backups of each download. Set to -1 to keep forever, 0 to keep none.
prefs open_default_all_formats Boolean Whether or not to default to "all formats" in File > Open
prefs restore_tabs Boolean Whether or not to re-open tabs that were previously open across restarts
prefs stock_configs String Override the user's stock_configs directory to this path
state favorite_ports String A comma-separated list of ports to always show in the ports dialog, even if not present (or virtual/network)

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