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Baofeng BF-M4

Added by Edouard Moulinsart over 4 years ago. Updated 12 months ago.

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I purchased two baofeng bf-m4 radios, and I would like to program the frequencies of the channels to fit my country.

The bf-m4 doesn't appear in the list of baofeng radios in chirp, could it be possible to add these radios ? Thank you.

I managed to download data from the radio by choosing bf-888 in the list, but I do not want to upload because I am afraid to brick the bf-m4.

Thank you !

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Updated by Edouard Moulinsart over 4 years ago

I have been making some tests using the bf-888 driver on the bf-m4 radios, it seems that the structure of the BF-M4 data is the same size than the BF-888 one.
When changing vox enabled/disabled and voice prompt language from the radio buttons, it appears accordingly in the downloaded data.
I modified the 16 channels to fit with europe pmr446 frequencies and uploaded it succesfully to the bf-M4. ( which is nice, because otherwise they would have been nice paperweights for me )
I didn't try yet to modify other settings, as I am not sure if they are supported by the BF-M4 ( like tx power, squelch level ) , but it seems these 2 radios are quite similar if only for the usb charging port and 5800 mah battery.

So I would say the bf-888 driver works partially with the bf-m4 radios, until further testing.

Thank you very much for the detailed instruction on how to tinker with new radios.

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Updated by Bernhard Hailer about 4 years ago

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Updated by Edgar Tinajero 12 months ago

This model was added to Chirp yesterday by Revision ae8c10a5


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Updated by Dan Smith 12 months ago

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Thanks Edgar. Next time say "Fixes: #7215" in the commit message and the system will link and close automatically :)

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Updated by Edgar Tinajero 12 months ago

Noted Dan, thank you.


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