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Added by Angelo Marcone about 5 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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Yaesu FT-65
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Hi to Everyone,

I'm working with a Yaesu FT-65 and I did some check with chirp and original Yaesu SW.
It seems to me that CTCSS tone information read from the radio are not correct in chirp (the TONE type and the TONE value as well).

I manually stored VHF repeaters (R0, R1alfa, R2, ....R7alfa, split -600Khz for all) with 71.9 CTCSS tone enabled in TX to access these repeaters.
The original sw (in windows) read correctly the configuration, chirp (in linux enviroment) does not. Frequency values are OK.

Someone with the same problem?

Thanks and 73 from Italy.

Angelo IK8VRQ

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Updated by Thom Barker about 5 years ago

@Angelo IK8VRQ

Is your FT-65 the european version (FT-65E) or the USA one (FT-65R)?
Do you know this:

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Updated by Angelo Marcone about 5 years ago

yes it's the european version (FT-65E).
I thought the problem was only related to use of 6.25 Khz channels and not to use the rig without these channels.
Probably there are significant differences in the memory map.
Thank you for the answer.
73 de Angelo IK8VRQ

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Updated by Daniel Clemmensen about 5 years ago

Which daily version are you using? An early version had some bugs in the CTCSS handling. Please download the latest, then provide
the tone setting as displayed on the radio and the tone value as displayed by CHIRP.

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Updated by Daniel Clemmensen about 5 years ago

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Another user privately reported that if you enter a channel using the radio keys, the duplex mode defaults to "auto" instead of "+", "-", "" (i.e., simplex) or "split". Since the CHIRP UI does not know about Yaesu's "auto" and the developer (me) did not know much either, "auto" is defaulted (poorly) to a version of "simplex". I will add "auto" as a custom "property" since it cannot be added to the UI's "duplex" column without a massive effort across all 100 or so of the drivers or a major kludge in the UI or both, all to support Yaesu's non-standard mode: we will not do that. Remember that the fundamental mission of CHIRP is to allow sharing of channel data across all radio models. A non-standard mode is not compatible with that mission.

The workaround is to enter the duplex mode from CHIRP, or if you must enter it from the radio, then force it to either "+" or "-".

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Updated by Dan Smith about 5 years ago

Huh, interesting. Most other radios I know of that have an "auto" setting just use that to calculate the duplex in the VFO, but when you store the channel, they store/set the duplex they chose. Not sure what the point of storing "auto" is with a memory is, since it shouldn't ever change.

But I agree with your planned approach, thanks!

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Updated by Bernhard Hailer about 4 years ago

I Think I might have a fix for the duplex = auto issue; a patch is currently in review. It might need some polish on 70cm, or on European models; but we'll see.

@Angelo: I would be very interested in getting an image of your FT-65E. Any image would be fine, even one obtained right after a factory reset.

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Updated by Bernhard Hailer almost 4 years ago

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This is done.


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