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FTM-350 Tuple Index Out Of Range for Broadcast FM

Added by Michael Schneider 5 months ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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Yaesu FTM-350
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I have a Yaesu FTM-350. I have several broadcast FM stations programmed on the left half of the radio. When opening the bin in CHIRP, it shows the memory number in red with an exclamation mark and does not render any of the settings. It also cannot open the memory or seemingly do anything with it at all. I cannot even paste over the memory. When attempting to open the memory properties, an error of "tuple index out of range" appears. These are memories 13-23 on the radio.

I imagine it is because these memories don't have as many options saved as the driver expects, as obviously this radio is not designed to transmit in the US broadcast FM range.

I expected these memories to be visible and editable in the radio.

I have a bit of python knowledge, I might find some time to dig into this issue myself. The debug looks to have a useful stack trace.

Thank you for any assistance in solving this. CHIRP is awesome, keep up the good work.


Yaesu_FTM-350_20231122.img (65 KB) Yaesu_FTM-350_20231122.img Michael Schneider, 11/22/2023 07:35 PM (12.6 KB) 1eea558f Dan Smith, 11/23/2023 07:34 AM
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Okay, I think the root of the problem is supporting channels that are not-transmit-able. So the attached module tries to implement that in a generic way. Can you confirm that it works for your situation, and that reading/writing other channels in general all seems right? Also, if you could try adding a memory that should be in the transmit range, but with duplex=off and see if the radio honors the TX inhibit setting?

Instructions for loading the module are here: LoadingTestModules


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Updated by Dan Smith 5 months ago

Any update on this?

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Updated by Michael Schneider 5 months ago

Apologies for the delay. Thanks for making a patch so quickly.

The frequencies outside of the transmit range appear fine. With this patch I can save and manage entries in and out of the transmit range without issue.

For the Duplex=off, it still transmits on the preset frequency when in the transmit range.

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Updated by Dan Smith 5 months ago

Okay, I think I'll go ahead and merge this as-is because it at least fixes the out-of-range frequencies. There must be another flag to actually disable transmit, which I'll have to chase down. If you have time to save two identical channels, one TX-able and one TX-inhibit, that would help. I do have occasional access to one of these, so I'll try to remember to do that myself if not.


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