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FT-8100 support does not handle odd split

Added by William Curlew 6 months ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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The FT-8100 supports odd splits within a band, say 145.800 with xmit on 146.000. This is not supported in the chirp driver as the duplex "split".

To help troubleshoot this If have:
Upgraded the latest CHIRP 20231021
Factory reset the radio
Added a "normal" repeater into vhf mem 1 (145.110 - .600, 144.510)
Added an odd split into vhf mem 2 (145.110 tx on 145.510)
added an odd split into vhf mem 3 (145.110 tx on 145.000)
Downloaded this to CHIRP and saved the image attached.
The screen displayed "split" as the duplex on both the odd-split channels.
mem 2 showed an offset of .400000
mem 3 showed an offset of .890000

I then uploaded this back to the radio, and it looked ok.

Uploaded image and debug log are attached.

Bill Curlew


chirp_debug-3g0bq47j.txt (57.1 KB) chirp_debug-3g0bq47j.txt William Curlew, 10/21/2023 12:06 PM
Yaesu_FT-8100_20231021_odd_Splits.img (3.13 KB) Yaesu_FT-8100_20231021_odd_Splits.img William Curlew, 10/21/2023 12:08 PM (8.98 KB) 409f0cf2 Dan Smith, 10/21/2023 09:05 PM
chirp_debug-1xtxnsii.txt (28 KB) chirp_debug-1xtxnsii.txt William Curlew, 10/21/2023 11:05 PM
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Thanks Bill, I think that worked well. Here's a test module to try which I hope will fix it.

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Updated by William Curlew 6 months ago

That is so funny. I was playing with the last PY file from the previous problem, and made virtually the same changes you have in this one.

Editing worked well. I sent it to the radio and the mems I touched looked good on the radio. Splits were correct, and radio flashed the +- symbol denoting an odd split.

GUI interface question. If you copy a row, and the modify the base frequency, on the UHF side the duplex and offset get cleared if duplex is split.

On the VHF side when I tried it, it reset it to - .600

Not sure if this is working as designed or not.

Included debug log of my flailings.

We are very close to all set here.


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Updated by William Curlew 6 months ago

BTW 2am here, heading for bed..

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Updated by Dan Smith 6 months ago

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I think what you're seeing is the automatic split calculation. If you have Radio->Enable Automatic Edits selected then when you change the frequency it will try to select the proper duplex and offset for your region's band plan. If you disable that in the menu then it should let you change the base frequency without disturbing the split and tx frequency.

Cool, so I'll queue this up for the next build but won't merge it right away to avoid generating a build just after we had one and for such a small change.


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Updated by William Curlew 6 months ago

Yes, that was it. I changed the automatic setting and it works without disturbing the other columns.

Fix looks good. Thanks for all the help.


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