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Retain settings when drag-drop or copy-pasted

Added by Wito Krasnal 9 months ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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as in the title, I have noticed some settings were being reset, when drag-drop or copy-pasted within the same image from a memory cell to another (thus also between images). In UV-K5 those are at least BCLO and Scanlist and probably also Scrambler. "Debug Log": memory content drag-drop from cell 3 to 19 and back, during whose BCLO setting was reset from Enabled to Disabled, and Scanlist from 1 to off. Debug Log 2: the same (cell 3 to 19 and back) but during cut-paste. I will continue in next post. The bug concerns editing the image, without communication with radio.


chirp_debug-hjen8aed.txt (4.38 KB) chirp_debug-hjen8aed.txt debug log 2 Wito Krasnal, 07/18/2023 09:53 AM
chirp_debug-3bgo18np.txt (2.96 KB) chirp_debug-3bgo18np.txt debug from this session Wito Krasnal, 07/18/2023 10:12 AM
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Updated by Wito Krasnal 9 months ago

another session: memory cell 3, I set Scrambler from Off to 5 and save the image, then cut-paste content of cell 3 to cell 19, during what Scrambler setting 5 is reset to off, then I cut-copy cell 19 back to 3.
AFAIK in Bao UV-5R driver BCL and Skip settings are lost/reset in the same manner. I'll send the log next time.

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This is fundamental to how the exchange works between images. Since those settings are radio-specific, copy/paste (and drag/drop which is the same thing) generalize the memory first, even if you're doing it within the same sheet. I've had on my list for a while plans to investigate seeing if I could make this work better in the case where you're doing copy/paste between identical radios, but it's not high on my priority list.

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Updated by Wito Krasnal 9 months ago

Yes, I do understand that in cases of copying between different radios it cannot be achieved. I have written at the very beginning: "when drag-drop or copy-pasted within the same image from a memory cell to another". Within the same image, where it should not be a problem. Indeed in today's build 20230722 it has been fixed: moving data between memory cells within the same image. It was what I meant and it was most important, because sometimes one has to move a block of cells to make room for new channels, and to segregate them according to one's wish. It was irritating when some settings were "silently" reset. Thank You very much.

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Updated by Dan Smith 9 months ago

Yeah, I was just explaining that all the copy/paste and move maneuvers use the same generic code regardless of whether it's moving between images of different types, the same type, or the same image.

Thanks for confirming that it works. Most people file a bug, I fix it, and we never hear that it's resolved for the reporter (unless they're testing a module in the bug itself). So, it's very helpful to have the follow up like this :)


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