Bug #7617

Updated by Bernhard Hailer about 4 years ago

Boa Noite! Ser[a que algum colega teria para disponibilizar o schematic eletronico ou a firmware do radio QYT KT7900D? Pois o meu est[a com uma anomalia que ao energizar ou melhorligar dar o power entra automaticamente em transmissao TX e apos isso caina tela normal mas nao tem RX e nem TX. Consigo o RX somente na tecla MONI! Gostaria de ver o schematic para saber transistor de chaveamento tx/rx ou at[e mesmo reinstalar ou atualizar a firmware! TKS e 73! 
 Good evening! Is it [that any colleague would have to provide the electronic schematic or firmware of the radio QYT KT7900D? For mine has an anomaly that when energizing or better turning on the power automatically enters TX transmission and after that the normal screen falls but it has neither RX nor TX. I get the RX only on the MONI key! I would like to see the schematic to know tx / rx or at switching transistor [and even reinstall or update the firmware! TKS and 73!_