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TYT TH-9800D+ upload problem

Added by David Pashek over 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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TYT TH-9800D+
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When uploading my current radio frequencies I receive error " An error has occurred Failed to communicate with radio: Radio did not ack block0X1D80"

I am currently running Windows 7 and using the latest version of Chirp.

The error typically occurs anywhere throughout the upload from the beginning to the end and it changes the location IE block xxxxxxxx and it is different everytime. I have tried purchasing an additional USB cable and it has the same results.

This has happened since I purchased the radio and I have been able to successfully upload about 5 times after trying about 100 plus times.

I have attached the debug menu.


debug.log (2.25 MB) debug.log David Pashek, 08/11/2021 11:32 AM
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Since it mostly works, the issue could be caused either by some timing problem or by an issue with your cable. You are using Windows, which uses drivers which check carefully whether the electronics in your USB cable are genuine (there are a lot of cheap ripoffs out there). What type of cable are you using? If it's a Prolific cable, then you could try installing an older driver (Prolific If it's an FTDI cable, then these are mostly ok, but some radios don't play well with them. Try a genuine Prolific cable (when it costs $25 or more, then it should be genuine).

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Updated by David Pashek over 2 years ago

I am using the TYT cable that came with the TH-9800D+. I did purchase another TYT charging cable when the original wouldn't work. I got it from Amazon and I suspect it might be a knock off as it looks different from the one that came with the TH-9800D+. I currently have the Prolific driver from 07/31/2007 installed and it works for my Baoefeng UV-5R and UV-82HP. When you say working I would say working loosely. I would say 1 out of 100 tries to upload.

When you say a time issue what do you mean by that? How can I fix that? Additionally the cable and transceiver are brand new.

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Updated by Bernhard Hailer almost 2 years ago

I would still suspect that you are using a cable with a badly supported chip. Make sure that the cable actually uses the correct driver - the Prolific driver will only work for Prolific chips. It has to be the old driver, because new ones inject garbage when they find counterfeit chips. You may find additional information at [[[]]].


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