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Yaesu FT-3DR

Added by Roger Pakulski about 4 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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Yaesu FT-3DR
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The CHIRP program for the FT-3DR looks like it works and loads to the radio. When you create a export file, that file will not load to the Yaesu provided program for the FT-3DR radio. I did a field comparison and looks like MODE is missing. This may be the problem but not sure?? I was trying to load the file to ADAMS-11, which Yaesu supplies for the FT-3DR. All I get is errors.

Also, I was trying to copy files from my FT-1DR, which I have always used CHIRP, to copy/paste into the FT-3DR. I was not able to do that. Now I did find out that the CHIRP export file does import to ADAMS-6 just fine so that works!!

I just purchased the FT-3DR and was trying to copy my FT-1DR files to the FT-3 without having to type all the channels back in.

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Updated by Bernhard Hailer about 4 years ago

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Hi Roger, thanks for the bug report, we'll keep this open until someone can check it.
As for your problem of transfering FT1D radio data to the FT3D: you can do that with Chirp.
This is how I think it works:

  • Get a download from your FT1D. Save it as a regular FT1D image.
  • Now connect your FT3D. Download from it.
  • +Import+ the FT1D image you saved before,
  • and upload the result into your FT3D. Done!
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Updated by Rene Castillo over 3 years ago

My issue is related to the same radio (Yaesu FT3D) but not to the same topic.
I downloaded and installed the FT3 ADMS 11 files and the SCU 19 PC Connection Cable Driver to my laptop.
When I attempted to download from the radio, the message said:
An error has occurred.
could not open port: [Error 3] The system cannot find the path specified.
Any help is appreciated.

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Updated by Bernhard Hailer over 3 years ago

Rene Lopez:

but not to the same topic.

Please don't start new topics within an existing ticket. Either open a new one, or (and that would be better in your case) post your question on the "mailing list":


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