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MacOS Catalina 10.15.3 - Cannot Access Local Directories That Are Also In iCloud

Added by Peter Finch about 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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New CHIRP user. Downloaded CHIRP daily-20200213 to my Mac today to try to read/update a Vx7r HT using an FTDI cable.
I am able to successfully retrieve the radio image into CHIRP. But I cannot save the resulting file to disk if the directories are replicated to iCloud. I have enabled full disk access for CHIRP (and rebooted).
This bug is due to changes Apple made in how local directories are accessed if they are also in iCloud.My user Documents folder is replicated to iCloud (and where I'd like to store the file). CHIRP cannot access any these directories but can access non icloud directories and I was able to save the file to /tmp or /users/Shared.

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Is duplicate of Bug #7147: MAC OS compatibilityClosed10/09/2019

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Updated by Peter Finch about 4 years ago

In doing some googling, it appears with Catalina the application must explicitly request OS permission to access Documents, Downloads, networked and removable storage, and possibly other storage resources. This will prompt the user to grant permission for the requested resource. Granting full disk access to the application does not suffice.

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Updated by Bernhard Hailer about 4 years ago

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OS issue.

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Updated by Peter Finch about 4 years ago

I am confused why this defect was closed? This is not an O/S issue, it is an application issue. The application, for MacOS Catalina, must either request user permission for access to common user folders on startup (via the O/S), or do so whenever the user specifies one of those folders in the file/save dialogue. This is new with Catalina and it required updates to many applications.

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Updated by Bernhard Hailer about 4 years ago

Hi Peter, thanks for the clarification. However, this was discussed at great lengths in #7147 and other tickets. Solutions have been provided. Please check whether these tickets help.


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