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Can we get chirp to match the menu terms of the radio we are programming?

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I program primarily Baofeng radios. When I download the data from the radio into chirp, the abbreviations at the top of each column does not match the abbreviations in the Baofeng radio menu. This creates confusion for many of us who are new to Ham Radio. I'm not sure what fields I'm populating when I use chirp to program my HT's. And for programming in repeater channels, it seems that some of the critical fields are missing from the spreadsheet. However, I can't be sure of that because I have not been able to completely match what is in the Baofeng menu and what is in the chirp spreadsheet. If we cannot get chirp to match the field names in the radio menu, could someone create a cross-walk document that could be available online for us to use and download?

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I'm not sure whether that's really feasible. Chirp implements a "master radio" which has all the functionality every supported model might or might not support. During a session, this master radio mirrors the radio which is currently connected to Chirp.

Manufacturers may call certain functions by different names, but they mean the same thing. Chirp has to pick some name for that function which is descriptive enough for the user to understand what's meant by it. If you start to call the same thing differently for each radio within Chirp, you'd get even more confused. :-)


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