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PLMR frequencies

Added by Steven Santos over 8 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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I would like to request the addition of another set of pre-defined channels, the Private Land Mobil Radio or "dot frequencies." I have some of the basic information on these frequencies:

Designation Frequency Notes
Red Dot 151.625 Itinerant
Purple Dot 151.955

Blue Dot 154.570 Aka MURS 4; 2 watts
Green Dot 154.600 Aka MURS 5; 2 watts
White Dot 462.575 Aka GMRS 03; 2 watts
Black Dot 462.625 Aka GMRS 07; 2 watts
Orange Dot 462.675 Aka GMRS 11; 2 watts
Brown Dot 464.500 Itinerant
Yellow Dot 464.550 Itinerant
J Dot 467.7625
K Dot 467.8125

Silver Star 467.850

Gold Star 467.875

Red Star 467.900
Blue Star 467.925
Brown dpx 469.500 Itinerant
Yellow dpx 469.550 Itinerant


DOT freq.csv (1.23 KB) DOT freq.csv PLMR (DOT) frequencies Steven Santos, 12/31/2015 01:52 PM
DOT freq.csv (1.25 KB) DOT freq.csv Updated dot frequencies, with input from Jim Unroe Steven Santos, 01/01/2016 07:37 AM
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Updated by Jim Unroe over 8 years ago

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The "stock config" files are just CSV files. Look at one or more of the existing files and follow that format. Then submit your file to be included in CHIRP.


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Updated by Steven Santos over 8 years ago

I can do that. Any idea where I can find the correct values for tone, DTCS, duplex, offset, mode and tunestep for these frequencies?

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Updated by Steven Santos over 8 years ago

Here is a .cvs file with the channel names and frequencies. I left everything else at the CHIRP defaults (because I am new at this and don't yet know what the values should be...)

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Updated by Jim Unroe over 8 years ago

It doesn't affect anything since duplex is set to "", but the "Red dot" could have its offset changed to 0.000000.

Shouldn't the "Brown DPX" and "Yellow DPX" channels be programmed as repeaters? Possibly...

Loc = 16
Frequency = 464.500000
Duplex = +
Offset = 5.000000

Loc = 17
Frequency = 464.550000
Duplex = +
Offset = 5.000000

And wouldn't all the "dots" except the ones that got moved to MURS need to be set to narrow FM?

Mode = NFM

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Updated by Steven Santos over 8 years ago

I didn't know any of that, the link was very helpful!

I made all of those changes and am uploading the resulting cvs file to this.

Dumb question, but I will ask anyways. Does the offset being "+5.000000" mean that the receiving channel is 469.xxxxx?

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Updated by Jim Unroe over 8 years ago


I still don't think you have the Brown DPX and Yellow DPX channels correct. What I believe you want do do is put the Brown Dot and Yellow Dot frequencies in for the Frequency column (464.500000 and 464.550000 respectively). Then the +5.000 offset will automatically put the transmit on the correct Brown DPX and Yellow DPX frequencies (469.500000 and 469.550000 respectively). So in a receive only scenario, there no difference between the Brown Dot/Yellow Dot and Brown DPX/Yellow DPX channels.

I also recommend that you join and check into the "chirp_devel": mailing list to ask what else may be necessary for you to do in order to have this stock config file added to CHIRP.


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Updated by Bernhard Hailer almost 4 years ago

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Is this ongoing, or should it be closed as stalled?


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